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Dr. Tracy Prout on CBS RAdio

Listen to Radio Legend Bob Salter's interview with Dr. Prout on CBS Radio - June 18th, 2017. Dr. Prout discusses psychological issues affecting children, bullying, dealing with adversity and loss, and the impact of proposed cuts to children’s healthcare coverage.

When it's easier to get mad than to feel sad

New Therapy Treatment by Ferkauf's Prout Gets to Heart of ODD and Similar Disorders

Reviews of the RFP-C Manual...

  • Dr. Graham Music calls the manual "an unusual and groundbreaking book" in his review in Contemporary Psychoanalysis.
  • In the Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Dr. Saralea Chazan calls the manual "a must-read for experienced clinicians as well as novices to the profession."
  • Dr. Barbara Milrod calls the manual "a novel book and a must-read for clinicians who work with children.
  • Dr. Miriam Steele says of the manual, "This book is of such scope it must be considered a magnum opus for the field of clinical psychology and psychiatry. . .There is no book quite like this one available. . .a 'must have' for every child clinician." 
  • "A must for child psychotherapists who wish to treat externalizing behavior disorders effectively." - Dr. Wendy Olesker
  • "This wedding of psychodynamic principles into a systematized, clear, and manualized approach is what makes this book so imaginative and modern in its approach to a very serious problem facing children, parents, mental health clinicians, and society." - Dr. John D O'Brien
  • In the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Aaron Krasner says of the manual, "The child and adolescent world desperately needs a viable psychodynamic arrow in the quiver for managing disruptive behavioral disorders in kids. It has arrived."