leon hoffman, m.d.

Leon Hoffman, M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and training and supervising analyst in adult, child and adolescent analysis. He is Co-Director of the Pacella Research Center at New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and Chief Psychiatrist of West End Day School in NYC.

Over the last 15-20 years he has become very active in the systematic empirical study of basic psychological constructs as well as the systematic empirical study of psychological treatments, especially with children. RFP-C operationalizes Dr. Hoffman's long-standing clinical approach for children who present with externalizing behaviors. Dr. Hoffman has written extensively about the importance and process of defense interpretation with children and serves as the primary supervisor for all study therapists who work on RFP-C projects.

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timothy r. rice, m.d.

Timothy R. Rice, M.D. is chief of the Mount Sinai health system's child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry service.  He is a board certified child and adolescent and adult psychiatrist.  He attained his bachelors from Yale University and his medical degree from Columbia University's College of Physician and Surgeons.  He completed his internship, residency, and fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was chief resident for the child and adolescent program. 

Dr. Rice has focused on constructing a foundation for the RFP-C model upon a developmental model organized around emotion regulation. He has explored the RFP-C paradigm in relation to deficient emotional self-regulation construct that is associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and executive functioning deficits in childhood. Dr. Rice has written extensively about the role of emotion regulation in RFP-C and provides adjunct supervision of therapists who work on RFP-C projects. 


tracy a. prout, ph.d.

Tracy A. Prout, Ph.D. is assistant professor of psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. She teaches psychodynamic psychotherapy in the School-Clinical Child Combined Doctoral Program, supervises advanced graduate students in the psychodynamic psychotherapy practicum, and leads the psychodynamic psychotherapy lab at Ferkauf. She earned a certificate in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education at NYU Medical Center. She serves as co-chair of the Fellowship Committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the Research Committee of Division 39. 

Dr. Prout is principal investigator for several studies related to RFP-C and supervises all graduate research assistants who work on these projects.